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Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh has shared a photo that teases the Fortress of Solitude and the actor’s connection to Superman. A photo taken from the set of the series features a crystal structure that resembles the Man of Steel’s secret hideout. Though Superman does exist in the Arrowverse, it seems unlikely that the Fortress of Solitude will actually appear in an upcoming episode of the time travel series.

Brandon Routh is one of a few actors to play more than one major comic book superhero. Routh currently stars in Legends of Tomorrow as Ray Palmer aka The Atom, a superhero with the ability to shrink and an important character from the comics. But years before that, Routh channeled Christopher Reeve to play the Man of Steel in Superman Returns. Though Routh never played the character again, Superman remains the actor’s best known role.

Brandon Routh shared a set photo on Instagram that references Superman’s secret headquarters, the Fortress of Solitude. The photo shows Routh standing next to a lighted crystal structure. Routh writes in his post that “something about this set is making me feel right at home.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Legends of Tomorrow has found a way to reference Brandon Routh’s other DC role. In the 2016 crossover event, “Invasion!”, Ray remarked that Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) looked a lot like his cousin.

Though fans would be sure to appreciate a Fortress of Solitude easter egg of some kind on Legends of Tomorrow, there’s no reason to suspect that Legends will intersect with Superman’s world in any way. Though the Fortress does have a presence on Supergirl, the secret hideout exists in a separate corner of the Arrowverse. The Legends occupy Earth-1 with Green Arrow and the Flash while Supergirl lives on Earth-38.

While there are similarities to Supergirl‘s Fortress of Solitude, the crystals in Routh’s set photo aren’t identical to what we’ve seen in the set photo. The background behind Routh and the lighting in the room makes it look like the scene takes place in the lab of the Waverider. It could be that the crystals were brought in as samples for Ray to study. Fans are sure to speculate on the importance of the crystals and if they could have ties to any specific character, place, or event in the DC Universe.

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